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  We wish to share comments we have received about HStudio in hopes that they will bring you further insight into our site. Additionally, we would like to encourage more of you to send in your opinions, advice and helpful information.

Congrats on a stunning new catalog!! The photography work is exquisite. I love to shop HStudio's acrylic accessories and furniture for my clients...I let the vibrant colors really become a focal point...and my clients love it too.

Barbara Harlan Aaronson

Your creativity and involvement in the different mediums is an inspiration!

Jim Stroup

I really enjoy this site and I am especially impressed by the artwork which is the center of the contest. Wow!

Don Salm

I like your artwork. They are Beautiful, Colorful. I'd Love to have Them.

shakuntala shetty

Lovely designs. Love your ties.

Gregory Hill

Love your website and definitely intend to visit often and spread the good word to my friends..gorgeous art!

Cindy Bell

I just purhcased one of your Sculptures from Metro One Gallery in Ephraim, WI and I love it! It has a prominent position in my home.

kris sadur
Area Agency on Aging

Amazing merchandise. Have seen it before but did not know the source.

James Sheffield
Sheffield Services

I noticed your fine looking acrylic sculptures at a few art gallerys in las vegas, I find them very great looking work.

Robert Donnaruma

As someone who buys ties for family and friends I can honestly say that these ties
Are some of the best I have seen in both quality and choice.

Laura Benjamin-Emerson

I received the butterfly sculpture today that I won in your sweepstakes.
I just had to say thank you again, and to let you know that the sculpture is absolutely magnificent!!!!
I just don't know what to say. The picture on your site just does not do this sculpture justice.
It is 100 times more beautiful than the picture portrays.
I also wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service.
Gilad phoned me last week on the 4th telling me that I had won your sweepstakes.
I received the sculpture today, the 12th, and I live clear across the country.
I am sure this great service is indicative of how you handle all of your shipments and business.
I can't wait to showoff my butterfuly sculpture, and I am going to tell everyone I know about your wonderful site.
Thank you again so much!

Judy Nixon
Winner of the August 2001 Sweepstakes

Very nice out of the ordinary website concerning Art--and I've seen hundreds of them.
This web site offers a crisper, clearer picture (no pun intended) and stands heads
And shoulders above the rest.

D Harrigan Reeves
Indiana State University

I have absolutely fallen in love with your line of accessories and furniture.

Bradley Minter
Pam Minter Interiors


Stanley Schwartz
schwartz & weinrieb

Your products are so beautiful. It should be in the best looking homes.

Leslie Miceli

This is an exceptionally fine website, and all of the artwork is outstanding.

Ann Grace Orn

Beautiful and the most unusual selection of accessories and furniture on the net.

Carol Tolliver

I love art and I love your website.

Kimberly Bowman
Timeless Treasures

I really enjoy your site

Candace Boggs

Just a note to Thank you for the beautiful table. My daughter Love's it a lot.
Hope you Had a Great Mother's Day also.
Thanks again,

James Lo Bue
Winner of the May 2001 Sweepstakes

The most beautiful candles I've ever seen.

Josett Morris

Your website is fascinating!
Beautiful artwork!

Victoria Guild-Christo


Dana Larichiuta

Wow! Great site and items!

Bill Westervelt
Moms Purse

Dear ShoppingArt,
I would like to convey my gratitude for the wonderful response that I have received since Buying Advertising with ShoppingArt.com. I use Stat Track and have seen a nice rise in visits to my Fine Art website www.art-wise.com as a direct result of my placement on your well thought out website. Thank you and Keep Up The Great Work!

Ken Wise
ArtWise International Fine Art

I love your furniture! Looks Great!
Lela Leon

Items are gorgeous!

Aracely Torres

You have beautiful and unusual items for sale.

Vicky Bridges

cool website

Janice Wright
Cedar Rapids Joint Communications

There are actually some unique things here. Thanks for the idea input and site.

Linda Moore
Green's Odds And Ends

I quite happy, that I stumbled accross your web site.

barbara tarvidas
s&t enterprises

The sculpture is flowing and sensual lifting upwards

Pat Malon

I have enjoyed this site tremendously. Thank you

Connie Mealhouse

Dear ShoppingArt,
now your prestigious and excellent site is working.
I added four banners in my pages to your site.
They work perfectly now, I do it for free, because I like your site, and I don't want to be forced to use banners in my site.
If one day you need some of my digital images (or part of them) for your graphic design, it would be an honor for me, so you could just specify that they are from me.

Thanks again, your site is excellent, and the graphic is stunning!

Kind Regards
Gabriele Rigon

Thank you for listing us and adding us into your search engine. I just completed the template online and hope we are in. I took your logo from your site-headline, and added it into our FORUM. See http://www.shopart.com/forum.html If you have a better one, please send us for exchange. Our forum page is surfed here by many european artists who appreciate finding interesting links for their own art promotion.
I wish you much success and good luck,

Igo Kirchlechner
Webmaster & president of ShopArt artists group, Germany

Excellent site!

Someone's put a lot of good thought into this one.

Just one thought. Did you consider having the facility to search the art by the same criteria as the furniture. It strikes me that when people are searching, they probably are looking to fill a space (indoor, outdoor, commercial etc), and could be stimulated by a range of art suitable for these categories rather than having to choose a type of art by going the traditional route.
Good luck with the site.

Best Wishes,

Lewis Evans, Artist

I just visited ShoppingArt; I would like first to tell you truthfully that I like your site and found it very organized and designed, Congratulations :o)
And also thanx for adding the LebanonArt.net website through your pages. I am the son of the artist painter and poet Joseph Matar who first organized LebanonArt.com before LebanonArt.net.
Please let me know also more about your ShoppingArt site, and how I can increase my sites through your site.

Thanx for your time and God bless you.
William MATAR

Thank you very much for selecting my site for a global directory and putting it into your catalogs. It's a big honour for me to be represented in your site.
I also want to inform you that I have already set the banner on my site, which links to your site.

Best wishes.
Roman Maisey

I am a manager of StarSa Furniture. I visited your site after receiving your letter. It looks good.
Thank you for your work.

Terry Manager
StarSa Furniture

Thank you very much for selecting my site for your global directory and of course for your precious time spent visiting my homestead.
Looking forward to any further hint from you.

Sincerely yours
Capek alias

On behalf of Anita Steyn Fine Art Studio and Namibia Ceramics I thank you for your kind offer of cross-linking with Shoppingart.com.
I have visited the Shoppingart.com site and am impressed.

Philip M Ford

Thank you for your e-mail and for considering us for your site. Have checked it out. Looks good.

Liz Fulton

You did wonders
I will send people to your site, cause its so artsy. Thanks for making my artwork look so beautiful. My hats off to you.

Eileen Seitz

Thanks for the link - I just posted one back to you.
Best of luck to you,

Duane Frybarger

Thank you friend, I will place your banner at my website too.

Valery Zahov

Our rugs look great on the site. Eddie did a nice job. Good luck and call or email if you need anything.

Company C

Fantastic site!!! Many hard to find items right here on your site!

Tamara Bennington

I will definately buy from you. I live in a small town around a lot of hick towns and I find furnishing and other things that I like hard to find.

Teresa Hawkins
Hawkins Masonry

I enjoyed your site, it is easy to navigate and you have fantastic products.

Tana Hentrich
Charlton Group

Congratulations, I think your web page is beyond all question one of the best on the entire internet. Very well done.

courtney buffington

HStudio.com would like to thank everyone who has written for their kind words.

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